Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gallipolis, OH

July 15, 2012  9:15PM

While returning from an evening walk, a bright orange light caught my attention in the night sky.  I realized it made no noise and had no blinking lights it was a lot brighter than any stars in the sky.  I pulled out my phone and took a short recording and it disappeared. 

I called the UFO reporting center and the man who answered said he would call me right back, when he did I described the sighting and while talking to him it flew over again.  This time my son saw it and recorded it, it looked to be flying lower.  We than walked to my moms neighbors who is my stepsister, her boyfriend and his nephew were on the porch.  I told them what happened and asked if they had seen anything and while asking them it flew over again and they saw it.  They both agreed it was not a plan as we watched it head toward the horizon and disappeared.

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