Friday, August 17, 2012

Fisher, PA

July 14, 2012  9:30PM

Rising from a wooded area, I first saw two fireball lobes,  They appeared like fireworks at first, but continued higher and higher into the sky, very slowly, pulsating as they rose.  I realized they were not firework's as almost thirty seconds passed and they were still rising.  The night sky was heavily clouded and first one disappeared and then the second.

I had stopped my car and continued to watch the sky, thinking if they were airplanes, they would come out of the clouds,  They did not.  To my surprise, I saw another ball of fire rise from the woods, then a second, and then a third.

I grabbed my phone and called my friend at the house I had just left, perhaps a quarter of a mile away.  No answer.  The lobes arose as the first two and one after another, disappeared into the sky.   Still parked along the road, I was amazed to see two more lobes come up from behind the trees.

I called my friend again, and this time he picked up.  Hurrying outside, she viewed the final two lobes as they arose into the clouds, pulsating and growing smaller and smaller until they disappeared.  The lobes rose for at least thirty seconds, and the groups were spaced apart approximately thirty seconds as well.  The whole event may have lasted three minutes, perhaps more.  I tried to film the event with my phone camera, but it was too dark out.

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