Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fairport, NY

July 11, 2012  10:10PM

I was standing out on my driveway in Fairport, NY when I saw 4 red/orange glowing balls or lights in a diamond formation.  There were fireworks in the area so initially I was not alarmed until I realized these 4 lights seemed to be moving in a formation, flew slowly and were too high in the sky to be flares or fireworks. 

At this point I ran in my house to grab my 2 girls who were still awake at the time, they are 12 and 14.  They too watched with me and  tried to film them with our IPhone but there was too much surrounding light.

The diamond formation changed as this continued so it did not appear the 4 lights connected to 1 craft but rather 4 separate crafts or lights.  After about 10 minutes 1 faded into the sky as if it were moving away from us, shortly later the other 3 did the same with 1 reappearing briefly.  There appeared to be a small plane flying directly toward the lights at one point and I would be certain they were seeing what we were.

I checked the news the following morning and saw no reports until I googled it the following morning and saw this was not the 1st time similar lights like these have been spotted in the area

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