Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Elizabeht, NJ

July 9, 2012  1:30AM

I was driving down the New Jersey tpk with my girlfriend and buddy.  We were on our way to South Caroline from Massachusetts.  We were driving on I-95 through the Bronx and into Jersey at about 1:30AM.  If you've ever driven this way you know there is a built up industrial park on both sides of you on the Jersey tpk.  Well the three of us were just chatting and listening to music, when I see this bright light just turn on in the sky.

I ask my friends if they saw the light turn on.  My girlfriend said she did but by buddy did not, but they both sure noticed it.  This place now has lights everywhere, and I do not know why this light caught my attention like it did.  We kept driving and trying to figure out what it was.  First we thought it was a tower, then a plane the way its just sitting in one place.  As we get closer and closer we see that it is some kind of aircraft, but a weird one.   What we saw was something that looked something like a fighter jet but not. It had what looked like retractable wings, a tail end that looked kind of like a cross and a weird spoiler on top.  It was unmarked as well with the cockpit area all greyed out, almost like there was no cockpit.
Lets just say it looked like a jet but there were too many characteristics to let you know it wasn't this & quot; was a least 150ft in the air just hovering right above us.  NOT MAKING A SINGLE NOISE!!  I know how loud jets are I hear them often where I live and I know how loud they are even when 500 ft in the air.  There were no jet, or propellers underneath to make it hover there like it was.  I watch the military channel enough that I know that a plane that low especially a hove craft is going to make some noise especially one that is hovering 150ft in the air, or at lest make enough noise for us to hear.  In my personal opinion I don not thin the military would be doing testing on aircraft's that close to a city which very sensitive to aircraft(New York City).

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