Thursday, August 9, 2012

Davenport, WA

July 10, 2012  11:55PM

Proceeding home from salmon fishing trip from Wanapum Dam, WA, my friend and I stopped just east of Ritzville, WA after leaving the I-90 freeway to stretch out legs to be more alert for animals crossing the road ahead of us.  We stopped beside some cement granaries beside the railroad tracks.

 I was gazing up at the Big Dipper constellation when I noticed apparent ans airplane twin lights moving toward the Big Dipper bucket which went for some distance almost beneath the Dipper handle then disappeared.  Wondering what had just happened to the plane lights I continued tracking farther toward the Big Dipper bucket when the light reappeared but as a single orange colored light.  I glanced at my wristwatch noting the time as 11:35 pm, I resumed watching it.  Then it stopped, moved rapidly vertical a bit, then descended quickly and returned to the first position.  It bobbed about weirdly several times.  I pointed it out to my friend when the lights had disappeared the frist time and we both watched it for about 15 minutes looking for possible explanations that might indicate what and how it might occur and decided to get going home.  It was still there when we left.

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