Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Corby (England), UK

July 15, 2012  1:00AM

Orange ovals whilst out walking my dogs on Sunday morning at about 1:00am, I could not help but notice two surprisingly large orange oval shapes moving for the west (Willow brook Road area) in a easterly direction, probably about three to four miles apart, but could have been more due to the height being at cloud level. 

At first I though helicopters, but they had no sound, and were too big, orange in color and moving at the same pace and direction too steadily.  One was obscured by clouds momentarily then appeared to be moving higher until it disappeared.  The other continued overhead on it's course until it was out of view.

  They're size was of that similar to small moon.  They're speed was very slow and consistent.  They definitely were not meteors, they had no fire trails, they weren't flickering, and were moving far too slowly. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen.  Although I have searched the web for explanations I can find non.  However I have found many similar sighting and videos recorded  from around the world since 2009, again with no explanations.

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