Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Columbus, OH

Jul 15, 2012  3:00AM

Around 3am, I noticed what looked like a ball of fire travel from north to south over the Gahanna Ohio area.  The "ball of fire" then ferried toward my location.  As it was approaching I realized it was an egg shaped object with flames around the bottom.

 I ran in and got my wife.  As we watched the object got closer to us then turned toward the north and was gone.  We waited and watched the sky and pretty soon the object appeared again in the east and traveled west towards us, turned north and then was gone again and it did not return.  I was wondering if it was a drone or something like that it looked like it was following the same pattern, maybe marking a grid or something.

 I would just like to know if you have heard of anything in the area that could have been perceived as what I described, I would appreciate any feedback.

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