Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Buffalo, MN

July 9, 2012  1:30PM

On a very bright day,  two coworkers and I were outside.  I was wearing polarized sunglasses which made the seven objects mush easier to see.  They seemed very high up in the sky.  The objects were flying very closely together at first and then stating splitting off one group of two and a group of five.  There was no sound to be heard nor a trail.  At first my coworkers and I thought that it could be gliders, but not only because of the altitude, the objects changed direction, this seemed unlikely.  They moved very smoothly through the air.  They would stop briefly and continues moving.  We could see them only barely with the naked eyes, but through polarized sunglasses they were unmistakable, white chevron shaped objects.  They hovered around back and forth for nearly five minutes before moving out of view to the east beyond the building we work in.

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