Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Brandon, SD

July 9, 2012  11:00AM
I saw a yellow orb moving fast from south to north over Brandon, Sioux Fall area.  It was a bright yellow orange not flashing, a solid bright ball.  It stopped and I call my wife out to see the object at that point it moved off to the north and vanished.  The second approached from the west of me and looked like it moved straight up I viewed this second ball with my scope and saw it to be a solid yellow orange ball moving silently and smooth it climbed to a considerable height stopped then moved north stopped again it then descended a couple hundred feet and stopped again I call my dad who also viewed this object with me and my wife.  The second object then just simply dimmed out as it moved off to the north.  My wife says she saw the same object three days earlier a lot closer and lower.

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