Friday, August 31, 2012

Boulder, CO

July 22,  2012  3:00AM

My boyfriend and I were walking back from a friend's house early Sunday morning around 3:00 am.  The night sky was very visible with only a few scattered clouds.  It was not until we were about two blocks from our apartment when I looked up at the Eastern horizon and notices a star that was extremely bright and much larger that any other star I had ever seen.  It was located beneath the stars, not in any constellation.  It's brightness was about 4 times a bright as all of the other stars as well as 4 times bigger.  At first we thought we were witnessing a Super Nova of some kind but soon realized that was not the case.

We had stopped to watch and admire this possible Super Novas when all of a sudden the object (star) shifted, and moved to the left.  It was at this time that we realized this was NOT a Super Nova.  We continued to watch the object as we ran back the rest of the two blocks.  When we returned home we woke up the others in the house and all climbed up on the roof of our apartment to watch what was going on.  It was also then that we noticed the other three, slightly less bright, objects moving in the sky.  Each of the four objects followed the same movement patters: Hovered there for a few minutes and then begun bouncing back and forth, left and right, before just before it stopped and just hovered stationary again.

After it completed both the movements described above, it would then begin to spin.  You could tell this due to the way the light was moving.  All of these movements were repeated over and over in the same order for about 3 hours.  They did not stay in any specific formation, almost like they were individually surveying the land.  The description of what the objects looked like.  The brightness of each object was not the same; this was due to them being at different distances from my roof top.  On would grow brighter as it moved towards my location, while others would get dimmer.  The objects would go from dim to very bright in only a few seconds.

I took photographs on my phone of the objects and when zoomed in, it looks like they are simply white spherical balls.  I continued to watch this phenomenon for the entirety of its performance.  After three hours of watching their action the sun began to rise.  As the sun began to peak over the horizon, the objects slowly began to move out of the atmosphere.  However, two stayed behind for a very long time.  I watched as one took about 15 minutes to move up and up out of visible view.  The last one followed shortly after the sun had completely come above the horizon.

The entire three hours I was not sure whether to be terrified,  amazed, or excited.  I was trembling the entire time.  I am of very sound mind and have steady been employed here in Boulder, CO.  I am positive that this was not a natural phenomenon.

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