Thursday, August 16, 2012

Andover, NJ

July 13, 2012  10:00PM

While on the deck last night with my wife, she called me outside to look at this object she had notice coming from the south out of Hacketts Town NJ.  We had a clear line of sight for miles.  As we where watching a triangular shape began to take shape (lights only), but moving together.  They past us right over head no sound! 

Then all of a sudden one by one the amber colored bright lights began to fade away.  We thought that was it!  Nope 9 more came, one by one they followed the larger light pattern that we first had noticed all I can say is having knowledge of aircraft and in the industry for years, no this is not ours. The lights also began to change color hard to describe, never saw this type of light on any of our aircraft.  NEVER!!!!

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