Friday, August 31, 2012

Torrance, CA

July 22,  2012  8:40PM

I had just arrived home after a walk and looked up at the eastern sky and immediately noticed a reddish orange spherical light.  It approached me at an altitude approximately the same as that of small aircraft, which were flying at the same time.  It's size was about twice that of a small airplane/s red light.  The Torrance airport is 2 miles north, (plus LAX is 15 miles north) and there are frequent landings and takeoffs, so I thought that it might just be another airplane.  Airplanes usually have white lights in addition to red ones, so I remarked that this object only had a red light.  I did not hear any unusual noises.

This object was too bright to be a star or Mars.  It was dusk and there were no stars in the sky yet.  The light did not flash off and on.  It oscillated slightly in brightness in a pulsating fashion.  It did not twinkle like a star.  The light glowed and had a very faint circular haze around it.  It approached my position and flew roughly from east to west slowly, at about the same speed as small aircraft.  This object trajectory indicates that it was not a flair.  I saw it fly for about 3-4 minutes and them it stopped.  It remained stationary for about 30 seconds then the light slowly faded out and disappeared.  I did not see a structure in addition to the light. 

The most unusual part of my observation was the sudden fading out of the light.  If the light did not fade out I would have dismissed the light as an airplane.  I did not see any other observers near me.  This was the second UFO I have witnessed, both in the Los Angeles area.

Boulder, CO

July 22,  2012  3:00AM

My boyfriend and I were walking back from a friend's house early Sunday morning around 3:00 am.  The night sky was very visible with only a few scattered clouds.  It was not until we were about two blocks from our apartment when I looked up at the Eastern horizon and notices a star that was extremely bright and much larger that any other star I had ever seen.  It was located beneath the stars, not in any constellation.  It's brightness was about 4 times a bright as all of the other stars as well as 4 times bigger.  At first we thought we were witnessing a Super Nova of some kind but soon realized that was not the case.

We had stopped to watch and admire this possible Super Novas when all of a sudden the object (star) shifted, and moved to the left.  It was at this time that we realized this was NOT a Super Nova.  We continued to watch the object as we ran back the rest of the two blocks.  When we returned home we woke up the others in the house and all climbed up on the roof of our apartment to watch what was going on.  It was also then that we noticed the other three, slightly less bright, objects moving in the sky.  Each of the four objects followed the same movement patters: Hovered there for a few minutes and then begun bouncing back and forth, left and right, before just before it stopped and just hovered stationary again.

After it completed both the movements described above, it would then begin to spin.  You could tell this due to the way the light was moving.  All of these movements were repeated over and over in the same order for about 3 hours.  They did not stay in any specific formation, almost like they were individually surveying the land.  The description of what the objects looked like.  The brightness of each object was not the same; this was due to them being at different distances from my roof top.  On would grow brighter as it moved towards my location, while others would get dimmer.  The objects would go from dim to very bright in only a few seconds.

I took photographs on my phone of the objects and when zoomed in, it looks like they are simply white spherical balls.  I continued to watch this phenomenon for the entirety of its performance.  After three hours of watching their action the sun began to rise.  As the sun began to peak over the horizon, the objects slowly began to move out of the atmosphere.  However, two stayed behind for a very long time.  I watched as one took about 15 minutes to move up and up out of visible view.  The last one followed shortly after the sun had completely come above the horizon.

The entire three hours I was not sure whether to be terrified,  amazed, or excited.  I was trembling the entire time.  I am of very sound mind and have steady been employed here in Boulder, CO.  I am positive that this was not a natural phenomenon.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vacaville, CA

July 21,  2012  9:00PM

The formation was like a triangle with a tail.  There was abut 6 + objects.  I noticed them as I saw Mars to the SW, then I saw a way brighter round light orb that was orange Like Mars in the SSE sky, it's light faded them came back and then several more appeared.  Also, about an hour later I saw a faint white shooting star right whee the later event happened in the SSE sky.  It looked like it shot up (or down) from the air force base.

I also saw a red shooting star right after it, more towards the East though.  Met 3 other witnesses, me and one witness shared a similar even that happened to both of us, we both dropped an electronic device in our pools earlier that day.  I noticed more people out driving right when the lights were flying around, compared to an hour before.  Could have just been a busier street.  Very exciting!

Montreal (Canada), QC

July 21,  2012  12:14PM

Beautiful summer day, blue sky, excellent visibility.  Noticed a little aircraft, high up, thought it was a private jet.  Could not see wings but it was very high and silvery, reflecting the sunlight like a little mirror, so it did not seem unusual at the moment.  But within a few seconds I realized how fast it was going away, way faster than any aircraft I've ever seen.  My eyes fixed on it and I stopped walking.  I did not want to walk into another pedestrian or a parking meter.  It was making a gentle arc, almost a straight line, across the sky, the way height-flying passenger planes do, but I realized it was not a normal plane or jet at all.  It was oblong, no wings, and it made no vapor trail and no noise.Then it dipped it changed direction like no aircraft I have ever seen before.  I have been to air shows and I have seen F-14 and all kinds of other military craft and i tell you there is not aircraft I know  that can change direction so suddenly.  It almost stopped, dipped down, making a path like the letter U; and then sped off to the left, a completely different trajectory.

I could not believe what I was seeing.  I quickly looked around to see if anyone else noticed it, there were people sitting nearby at an outdoor cafe, but they wee all talking to each other or reading, sipping their coffee.  The flying object would soon disappear behind the building across the street, I though, so I was not going to waste time telling some strangers to look at it.  Then it flew into a wispy cloud, one ot the few in the sky, and I lost sight of it completely.  I continued on my way and kept looking for it but after passing through the cloud it must have been too far away to see what the naked eye.  As I said, it was going incredibly fast.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rhome, TX

July 21,  2012  10:30AM

Driving three miles north of Rhome (between Rhome and Decatur) Texas on 287.  Saw a large shadow of a craft flying very low and very fast across the highway and it flew directly over the front of my truck.

This incident caused me to swerve to where I almost lost control of my truck and could have easily gone off the road.  This was unlike anything I have ever seen.

After this happened, all of my electronics went haywire.  The batteries in my truck died and would not charge with a jump, my cell phone stopped working and will not turn on and it is fairly new, and my laptop computer will not turn on, nor will it hold a charge.

I cannot explain what flew over the front of my truck but whatever it was, had ended up costing me a lot of money to replace all of my electronics.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nicholasville, KY

July 21,  2012  9:30AM

A red light appeared, thought it was an aircraft coming toward us.  Noticed that the light was getting closer than appeared to stop mid air.  Lingered for a couple minutes then faded a little then zipped of quickly to the right.

A few minutes later, it appeared again but closer and that is when we noticed the cigar shape.  I did the exact same thing as the first time, then zipped away to the right again.

Saint Paul, MN

July 21,  2012   12:40AM

I saw a bright orange roughly rectangular shaped object coming towards me and passing over in the sky from south to north at about 12:40AM, July 21, 2012.  This was something I have never seen before and could not identify, however, it looked very much like the description of an object reported to this site on June 9, 2012, which the reporter described as a bright rectangular orange light flying silently over Como Park. 

I was walking along the east side of Lake Como in the Como Park neighborhood of St. Paul, when I saw the object approaching in the sky from the south.  The object seemed to pass right over the lake south to north, not as high as an airplane would be (maybe a few hundred feet high?).  At first I thought it must be a helicopter approaching, but then I did not hear any sound (it was completely silent) and I could not discern the body or outlines of any physical object, just a patch of bright orange light with what looked like flames near the bottom.  When I saw the flames I thought that it must be a hot air balloon traveling at night.  However, as I watched it I realized that it was traveling much too fast to be a balloon.  It was a still night (no breeze) and the light traveled across the sky and out of view over the trees in about 15-20 seconds.  The rectangular patch of light was a very bright orange and seemed to partly composed of yellow/orange flames.

Wyandotte, MI

July 20,  2012  10:01PM

I am on the 4th floor facing south.  I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.  At first I thought it was an airplane on fire.  Then one of the same comes out of what seemed to me to be the water.  One on top of the first one I saw and one on the bottom.  They hoovered for a minute.  Then they took off toward the west.  I could see the after smoke or whatever aircrafts leave.  They were totally silent.  Before the first three were totally out of sight and additional three came out.  Never in the same line but in patterns of three.  I looked through a star gazer and the things were blinking so fast and vibrating so fast, I could not focus.  I was transfixed.  There were a total of 30.

 I posted on facebook.  Has anyone in the Wyadotte area seen anything strange in the sky.  No replies.  I could not have been the only one to witness this.  They were not Chinese lanterns either.  I know what I saw.  Withing 15 minutes there were commercial size airplanes going over the area, quite a few times.

Robertsdale, AL

July 20,  2012  9:30PM

I was shucking oysters in our garage with my nephew when I stepped outside onto the edge of the driveway to take care of some personal business.  While standing there I looked skyward at the stars directly overhead as we have had days and days of rain and the sight of stars was a welcome one.  I noticed a very small point of light moving across the heavens and I initially figured it was an airliner.  After viewing it for a few moments I could not spot any red, green, or other marker lights which would be visible from the ground of an airship passing six miles overhead.  It was not a bright light, at all.  I continued to watch it and it suddenly slowed its speed to almost half of its previous speed then actually wobbled a bit to the side and then speed up continuing its previous heading.

At this point I  yelled for my nephew to rush out and look at this strange light with me.  He immediately spotted it and then the object repeated the same motion of slowing down, jogging a bit off course then speeding back up to it previous speed.  And then it vanished.  It moved from directly overhead to the ENE.
Total sky travel was from directly overhead to a little less than 45 degrees from the first time I spotted. it.  We remarked with a "What in the hell was that?", then laughed about the notion of telling anyone about it.

Firstly, I do not drink alcohol since a heart attack earlier this year.  Secondly, I am a retired federal weathermen, namely a "meteorological technician" for 37 years.  I spent my professional career staring into the sky at all hours and shifts judging weather phenomena to report in aviation weather observations and forecast.  I have never seen an object I would classify as a UFO, until now.  And it is not because I did not try!  I have released many high-altitude radiosonde weather balloons with lighting attached and know well what that looks like.  I have also seen the International Space Station pass overhead several times and even pointed it out to younger family members as a "Wowee!"  The object I am reporting looked like neither I have seen "burns-ins" of man made and extraterrestrial objects.  This dim, fast-moving light was nothing like that, either.

Had the object simply maintained its speed and heading, I would not have thought much of it.  I still would not have know what it was.  But, when it slowed down and momentarily wobbled and varied it's trajectory, TWICE, then sped back up to the original pace it was then that my childlike curiosity took notice.  And then it was gone.  Had it disappeared behind a thin deck of cirrostratus I would accept that.  But, the stars in the background were still visible.  I"ll just scratch my head over this one and wait for a logical answer if one is ever served.  This was not a dramatic sighting, by any stretch, but something different than any other point of light I have ever observed in the heavens.  If it was indeed man made, it surely has some of the finest control surfaces every built.  And Quiet, too!

Glendale, CA

July 20,  2012  7:35PM

I just saw a UFO over Los Angeles.  I am in Glendale, CA and it was flying south west of where the 5 and the 135 freeways meet.  Maybe 1,500 feet above the ground.  It looked like a vertical stick, red on the ends. metallic in the middle.  On the middle chrome part it has white and blue lights.

It floated in the air for a few minutes, then slowly started to travel south west until it was out of sight.  I know it is too perfect, and creepy, but a black unmarked helicopter flew above us right after the sighting.  This was my first UFO sighting.

Greene, ME

July 20,  2012  4:00AM

There was a very bright light hovering in the distance.  The night was clear, no moon, no clouds, just stars and a light that was too bright to be a star.  It grew brighter, as if coming towards my brother and I.  The object was moving.  It disappeared after a while, but not completely.  It was almost as if the UFO turned into a cloud.  A cloud, which was glowing.

After observing said cloud for multiple minutes,  the bright grew brighter, once again.  There seemed to be a bright haze around the craft, making it difficult to describe exactly what it was my brother and I were looking at.

Also, the craft seemed to be shining a beam over the area, almost as if it was looking for something.  It was not a helicopter, for there was not noise,  And I know of no crafts which are so bright that you can not pick out exactly what they are.  The light was so great that as the craft drew closer it was almost blinding.

The same events repeated for a couple of hours.  I did not stick around to find out what happened to the craft, so I can not say how it finally vanished.  I, however, have never seen anything like it.  The craft was so bright, almost looked like a star which was too close.  However, stars do not move towards you, turn into clouds, vanish, come back and repeat.  By the time I was home, both my brother and I were shaking and could not wait to tell our mother what had taken place.

Ocean City, MD

July 19,  2012  11:27PM

Me and my grandmother were on our hotel balcony and we saw what seemed to be a plane lit up in the sky.  But then the light faded and disappeared.  It reappeared moving in the same direction from the same starting point and disappeared again.

About five minutes later, it reappeared further east in the sky and stayed there for ten minutes.  Then two red light balls shot out and darted across the sky before disappearing. 

The main light then disappeared.  It did not move like a plane or a helicopter and blinked many different colors such as red, blue and white.

Ardmore, OK

July 19,  2012  11:00PM

On the 19th of July 2012, @ 11:00PM, I was looking south at what looks like a normal satellite.  Then right in my vision like right now is a large yellowish/orange ball looking thing. 

The ball started up in the sky and sort of arced down while flying north.  It was coming in my general direction (so it headed S to N).  At first I thought it was a very vary low flying plane but it did not sound like a plane, there was no sound and had no flashing lights.  It was a solid orange/yellow ball.

Beekmantown, NY

July 19,  2012  9:05PM

At 10:05 pm, two of us witnessed a light that faded in and out along a north path during the 7 min it completely came to a stop and changes flight path toward the west the light appeared round went from a very bright white light to nothing then reappeared several times.  The light was higher than an aircraft as a plane flew very close appearing much lower than this light.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pawleys Island, SC

July 19,  2012  10:00PM

On July 19, 2012 8 of use went back to the beach at Pawley's Island, SC around 10:00pm,  We again saw intense lights out over the ocean.  Usually only 1 at a time.  However, once there were 4 in a row.  They went out after about 10 seconds and then came back on 10 seconds and then came back on 10 seconds later.  This time they were closer together.  They went out and came back on again but this time there were only 2 and they were closer together than any of them had been before.  Over 30 minutes we saw about 10 of them.

There were no aircraft in the area of the lights.  They were due east of the beach and about 25 degrees above the horizon.  I would estimate that they were 5-10 miles off shore.  There was a southeastern breeze of about 15 mph.

Oakridge, OR

July 19,  2012  9:44PM

I was called outside by sister-in-law and my son to observe a flying orange glowing sphere.  (From my perspective it looked to be 10 plus feet in diameter comparing it to the distant tree tops)  The object was moving southeast above the mountain tips approximately 1 or more miles from us.  It descended dropping altitude to the north side of the mountain moving at a steady slow speed.  We observed the object for approximately 5 minutes, it looked as if it descended into the tree line, or the light went out.

Fontana, CA

July 19,  2012  11:00AM

The object I saw was through my window, it made like some type of parallel front and back movement then suddenly disappeared.  It made this same movement one more time before disappearing once again.  It had a sliverish metallic shiny color.  It was not an airplane or a helicopter because it made no noise

New Orleans, LA

July 19,  2012  6:30AM

I was walking through the French Quarter at about 6:30am, I looked up saw/heard a passenger jet fly over.  I recognized its shape and saw it's blinking navigation lights immediately as I have seen many hundreds of air craft before it.  I've always been able to identify every single craft I have ever witnessed in the air.

I am a Air Force brat, born and raised spent my life studying jets, planes and all things in the air.  Plus always known about UFOs, seen pictures, heard stories been a fan of Science Fiction since I was old enough to read & about the universe at large.  What happened yesterday morning was nothing like I have ever seen or even thought I would ever see.  It was like something out of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, accept real and in person. 

I was confused at first because I did not recognize the color of the bright lights, heard no sound and could not actually see the shape of the craft.  Is is as tho the lights were deliberately being shined at me.

It looked like very, very bright orange headlights at first on a slow moving helicopter that hovered to a stop in the middle of my point of view.  It was in the middle of the street about 1 mile away and about 500-1000 feet up.  It came to a stop when I stopped in the middle of the street.

I looked at it and thought what is that?  The shape of the air craft was obscured due to the practically blinding brightness of the orange lights.  Now, it reminded me of the feeling of being under a spotlight.  The same light in your eyes as a person on stage might feel.  It was briefly a blinding light.  After a couple seconds of trying to see the shape of the craft, it looked like it was fading and going up into the sky so I grabbed my camera took the photo and it was gone.  The craft was low enough to look like some kind of big hovering mass I could not even tell what shape it was due to the brightness of the light.

Calabash, NC

July 18,  2012  9:00PM

A friend and I were outside her house.  We looked up and saw this big bright yellow/orange light.  It flickered, intermittent.  Then a second light lite up bright yellow/orange.  Then they went dim and raped flickering white lights.  They were moving way too fast for airplanes.  Lights became bright again and moved sideways, fast.  Was not sure what we were looking at.  Lights disappeared, so we went inside.  Moved to the back porch area to look for lights.  Saw lights again.  When the bright lights came, it appeared the object then stopped.  Once it went dim, it moved.  Very irrational movement.  The movement did not make sense, did not seem to follow a pattern.  Three lights total traveling in not quite a triangle shape formation.  Not sure about the distance from us.  Light when it illuminated was very bright and then dimmed as dull as a night star.  You could clearly see the light flashing as fast as strobe lights when dimmed.  I am a little freaked out by what we saw.  Totally unexplainable.  Now tonight has me really thinking.

Holden Beach, NC

July 18,  2012  9:00PM

Very bright orbs appeared 3 times and after each went dark smaller orbs were seen flashing and moving throughout the sky.  Flashing was not consistent and movement was erratic.  Individuals in the beach house next to us were watching the activity also.  A couple of the orbs seemed to change to red at various times.  We were located right on the beach and watched the activity also.  A couple of the orbs seemed to change to red at various times. We were located right on the beach and watched the activity for a solid 45 minutes.  At a certain point at the end all orbs turned and seemed to fly off into the distance.

Myrtle Beach, SC

July 18,  2012  4:00PM

Sitting on balcony after returning to hotel after dinner my daughter and I saw what looked to be some sort of light flash on in the sky on the eastern horizon.

I work for a major airline and know about aircraft lights and how they operate, so we joked about it and decided it was some sort of landing light from an airplane.

Then as we sat there we started seeing more of them, several coming on at once in different locations in the sky.  They appeared at first as small twinkles in many spots then flash white or orange light for approximately 10 seconds.

By this time my wife, son and two other friends had joined us on the balcony, my friend also works for the airline and he had no explanation for the strange lights.  This went on for about an hour and half.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Las Vegas, NV

July17, 2012  10:50PM

We saw an object due north at about 10 miles sway 60 degrees in the sky.  Start to drop towards earth at what was seen as a slow speed.  It would brighten up for about 10 seconds then the light would extinguish rapidly and not lighten up again for another 20 seconds.  It would gradually get brighter.  This lasted for about several minutes before it was at about 45 degrees in the sky when it had gotten brighter than jumped about 50 yards rapidly from a downward movement to a horizontal movement then again started moving downward.  When it reach about 25 degrees off the horizontal plane.  It lit up once more for the last time very brightly more so then before.  Then distinguished and was not seen again.  Two minutes later two jets were seen flying due west from a eastern direction.  The object looked like the size of a planet in the night sky.

Phoenix, AZ

July 17,  2012  11:00PM

I was driving west bound and they appeared to be many miles west of me and it  was one object it was much bigger than any plane I know of, the objects were parallel to each other.  The two orange lights were at the same elevation, several thousand feet by what I could tell.  I wanted to get home to get a camera or chase the object but it disappeared.  Simply as if someone had shut off a switch.  I was wondering if anyone besides me saw anything that night please inform me if anyone else saw this.

Dade City, FL

July 17, 2012  9:36PM

There were 6 orange balls gliding across the sky.  All following the same path.  One by one they began to disappear as they glided into a cloud.  They almost appeared to be on fire, or glowing.  They were amazingly bright.

Surside Beach, SC

July 18,  2012  9:30PM

Sitting on deck at a beach house our family rented for the week and suddenly saw a large orange ball of light in the sky.  The light then went out and came right back, in a different place.

We then noticed a formation to twinkling white lights flying in the sky, in a straight line and moving at a fast pace.  They appeared and reappeared throughout the evening, in different places.

Houston, TX

July 17, 2012  6:30AM

As I was getting my morning newspaper, I saw what I thought was an airplane in the sky NE of me.  Walking back to the house, I looked up and noticed the light has not moved.  I stood there approx. 5 minutes to make sure it had not moved and then I walked another few steps and observed it thur a gap in the tree foliage and it remained absolutely stationery.  It did not seem to be flashing or making any form of movement.

After watching it for another 5 minutes or so, I concluded it must be a cell phone or other tower that I had not noticed in spite of it being very high and even though I have lived here for 30 + years.

When I went out later that day, I looked in that direction but there is no such structure where I had seen the light.  I have looked in that direction several times since and there is nothing there to have caused the light.

I am a very vary normal everyday person and am puzzled and perhaps a tiny bit scared of what I may have seen.  It was not a plane as it was not moving, too large to be a star (at least 10 times bigger than the North Star) and way too high up to be a man made structure.

Rio Rancho, NM

July 17, 2012  1:45AM

Bright light thought at first to be a star traveled horizontal approximately 10 seconds then turned upward towards the sky and within 5 seconds was completely out of sight!  It was very fast.

Salem, OR

July 17, 2012  12:20AM

As I was driving North-bound on I-5 from Salem to Portland, Oregon, I saw one red sphere object in the NWW sky around 12:20am.  It was pulsating red in moderate frequency.  It was too close to be a satellite but too far to be a telephone signal pole device, it was similar to a plane but slightly larger and did not move.  It did not have white or green lights on it.  It was fairly high in the sky for most of the sighting.Towards the end of the sighting, it seemed to have lowered in altitude and gone slightly more westward.  The night was clear and the object appeared below the big dipper constellation.  It did not have noise to it, nor did it have a trail.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gurgaong, India

July 16, 2012  11:05PM

My husband and I were chatting on our 9th floor apartment balcony.  Suddenly I saw a round blue light flash at 80 degrees like a shooting star, but much bigger and slower and for a very short span of time 2-3 seconds.  No noise, disturbance, or heat was generated.

First I thought it was a shooting star, but from what I know we used to spot shooting stars in the months of September and October.  The strange flash of light was observed in the western skies of Gurgon City, in Haryana State India.  The aeroplane's flying at that hour did not seem to be affected and were at great distance.

I would also like to state that there is a business corridor near out house but all shut down and there were no lasers lights, which is pretty common these days in Gurgaon.

Cherryville (Canada), BC

July 16, 2012  3:30AM

While observing the stars with the naked eye up in the mountains away from the city and minimal light pollution, we observed a pulsing/flashing light roughly 20 degrees above Jupiter and Venus.  The light would pulse to just a bit brighter than a star, then fade away to nothing.  It was a quick pulse and the time between flashes was roughly 10 seconds, it was a consistent gap of time between flashing interval's.  It remained stationary in the sky and continued this behaviour for about 5 minutes, after which it did not appear again.

Gallipolis, OH

July 15, 2012  9:15PM

While returning from an evening walk, a bright orange light caught my attention in the night sky.  I realized it made no noise and had no blinking lights it was a lot brighter than any stars in the sky.  I pulled out my phone and took a short recording and it disappeared. 

I called the UFO reporting center and the man who answered said he would call me right back, when he did I described the sighting and while talking to him it flew over again.  This time my son saw it and recorded it, it looked to be flying lower.  We than walked to my moms neighbors who is my stepsister, her boyfriend and his nephew were on the porch.  I told them what happened and asked if they had seen anything and while asking them it flew over again and they saw it.  They both agreed it was not a plan as we watched it head toward the horizon and disappeared.

Terrell, TX

July 15, 2012  11:00PM

One triangular shaped craft, with 3 lighted point, with one point inside of the three tips.  The three tips rotated with flickering lights.  Silent, except for the occasional"bug zapping noise".

Seaside, OR

July 15, 2012  10:00PM

In the evening, I noticed a bright red/orange object out in the Pacific Ocean off the beach in Seaside Oregon.  I observed this from my home which is in the hills approx 3 miles east of the beach.

I mentioned to my friend that it must be a planet as it is too big & bright to be a star.  It remained stationary for a few minutes then disappeared.  About 5 min. later I looked again and there were now two of the objects.  They seemed to appear and disappear without movement.

I looked again after 5 min and saw 4 of these objects in a perfect diagonal line which stayed stationary.  I then called the police dept to see if anyone else had reported the same sighting (no one had), and they put me through to the Coast Guard who took my information.  The seemed to move at this point before disappearing.

Columbus, OH

Jul 15, 2012  3:00AM

Around 3am, I noticed what looked like a ball of fire travel from north to south over the Gahanna Ohio area.  The "ball of fire" then ferried toward my location.  As it was approaching I realized it was an egg shaped object with flames around the bottom.

 I ran in and got my wife.  As we watched the object got closer to us then turned toward the north and was gone.  We waited and watched the sky and pretty soon the object appeared again in the east and traveled west towards us, turned north and then was gone again and it did not return.  I was wondering if it was a drone or something like that it looked like it was following the same pattern, maybe marking a grid or something.

 I would just like to know if you have heard of anything in the area that could have been perceived as what I described, I would appreciate any feedback.

Oakville (Canada), ON

July 15, 2012  1:30AM

Myself, my wife and two neighbours were out chatting early in the morning.  I noticed an orange light to the northeast of us moving fairly quickly in a diagonal direction from right to left, from about 30 degrees to 60 degrees above the horizon.  It then stopped fairly abruptly and just hovered there for some time.  It then started to move slowly in a random pattern, kind of like a doodle art drawing, but not too far from a stationary position.  I used a street sign and a nearby object as a reference to see if it was just the illusion of movement or was actually moving, which it was.

While generally stationary the light grew in intensity, and was quite bright, and seemed quite big.  It was slowly pulsing/shimmering, and was kind of fuzzy at the edges, kind of like the sun's corona but not as intense as the light itself.

My neighbours work at Pearson Intl. Airport, and all four of us were quite certain it wasn't a plane, or a flare, due to its strange movement, seeming close proximity. the lack of landing lights, and no noise.  Airplanes do often track over our neighborhood, so we are very familiar as to what they look/sound like, and they tend to follow the same track.

After we studied it for a few minutes, it started to move again left to right, and then stopped again for a short time.  After stopping for a bit, it slowly diminished in intensity and winked out, but not before very briefly getting a bit brighter.

Corby (England), UK

July 15, 2012  1:00AM

Orange ovals whilst out walking my dogs on Sunday morning at about 1:00am, I could not help but notice two surprisingly large orange oval shapes moving for the west (Willow brook Road area) in a easterly direction, probably about three to four miles apart, but could have been more due to the height being at cloud level. 

At first I though helicopters, but they had no sound, and were too big, orange in color and moving at the same pace and direction too steadily.  One was obscured by clouds momentarily then appeared to be moving higher until it disappeared.  The other continued overhead on it's course until it was out of view.

  They're size was of that similar to small moon.  They're speed was very slow and consistent.  They definitely were not meteors, they had no fire trails, they weren't flickering, and were moving far too slowly. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen.  Although I have searched the web for explanations I can find non.  However I have found many similar sighting and videos recorded  from around the world since 2009, again with no explanations.

Hallsville, MD

Jul 14, 2012  11:20PM

That night I took the dog out, something in the sky brighter than a star peaked my interest, it moved from south to north with no sound moved slower than an airplane was bright white hard to judge the size.  Moved what seemed to be several miles than faded out.  I kept watching to the north then about 30 seconds later a bright flash for maybe 10 seconds at that time it, was much lower in the sky.

Oakville (Canada), ON

July 14, 2012  10:45PM

Saw a bright orange/red fire ball in the sky. Quickly joined by 2 other fireballs, within seconds we see another 4 fireball's joining in almost in procession to form a line that is equally spaced apart.  It stays like that for a minute and them it changes to a "W" formation before the fireballs seem to vanish into thin air.

  Completely freaked out and do not understand what we just saw.  The light that come from the balls was intensely bright and orange and they seemed to move from a northwest to southeast direction before vanishing.  Did not tell anybody initially because we did not think anybody would believe us without video proof but we know what we saw.

Hollister, CA

July 14, 2012  10:05PM

I was heading home from a late night jog a block away from home.  As I crossed the street I looked to the left then to the right.  I did a double take back to the left side because the sky was bright and it caught my attention.  I then sprinted home as I kept my eyes on the sky.  There were 6 or 7 bright orange lights, they were all moving together at a right angle.  One light did a question mark shape movement from the bottom up to line up in the formation of a back slash.  To the right of those, there was a formation of a triangle.  They all were moving together at angle and disappeared into some clouds.  I waited for them to pass through the cloud and come out the other side, but they never did.  The cloud was thin and you see the lights get smaller in them.  After that I rang the doorbell to get my parents attention to see the lights, all the lights had disappeared, but my mother managed to see one new orange light that was moving slower than the others, but then soon disappeared into the same cloud.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Zanesfield, OH

July 14, 2012  10:03PM

My wife was taking our dog out to go to the bathroom when she noticed 2 red balls of light in the north sky, she did not give it much thought but then a 3rd showed up in almost an arc formation, she ran in the house to get me to look.  When I got outside there were 5 but still in the arc formation.  They  moved extremely slow.  There were no flashing lights as I could tell.  My first thought was that they were helicopters, but there was no noise whatsoever! 

As we were watching, they slowly  moved east and then all of sudden 2 of them just vanished.  Leaving the last one there hovering for about 4 solid minutes.

Seasudem OR

July 14, 2012 10:00PM

One reddish-gold ball was seen rising over the ocean in the west and moved quickly to the east.  There was no sound as it passed over.  It then was seen next to another object on the eastern horizon before moving west again.  They both then just vanished.

Rice Lake, WI

July 14, 2012  10:00PM

My boyfriend and I were sitting on my porch at around 10pm and noticed these small lights zooming around in the sky, like fast moving little stars or something.  They would go in little circles and curlicues and then disappears  and reaper in another part of the sky, I think there were two of them.

They were way to fast to be a jet or plane, and they flew in pattern/circles like I said, so there is no way it was a bird either, and they were too far away, not to mention the lights.  It was so carzy we watched them for like almost an hour,  I've never seen anything like it, they just kept disappearing and reappearing all over the place, it was phenomenal. 

I just saw one tonight, just for a second then it was gone, which made me decide to ask google if anyone else had seen them.

Also, the lights ere just white, no red, and it almost looked like the lights were spinning, if you know what I mean, but they were too far away to really tell.  I'm trying to think of more ways to describe them, but all I know for sure is that I do not know of anything that moves that way.  Definitely too fast for a satellite, etc.  Maybe we are not alone in the universe after all.

Kenner, LA

July 14, 2012  9:55PM

My wife and I were driving west on West Esplanade Ave, in Kenner, Louisiana and turned north northwest onto Driftwood Blvd.  Straight ahead were red lights in the sky in formation.  We turned left onto Emile Ave. and could not see the lights.  We turned right onto Osborne Ave. but the lights were hidden by trees. 

I told my wife about them and we drove down the street and could see them to the north when we passed by houses without trees.  We turned right due  north and could see five red lights in the sky in a roughly triangular formation.  They did not appear to be moving.  They seemed to be suspended and motionless in the sky.  They were relatively high in the sky. 

From our vantage point, I would estimate that they were between 30 to 45 degrees up into the sky.  We assumed that they wee over Lake Potchartrain.  As we continued driving north trying to find an un obscured viewing area, the lights suddenly faded and disappeared.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Mantoloking, NJ

July 14, 2012  9:30PM

A series of fireball objects in the northwest sky moved from the west the east around 21:30 to 22:00.  Movement was steady and slow enough that I had time to get binoculars.  Through the binoculars I saw a glowing orange light inside a round object, but neither myself, my mom or step dad could explain what it was.  About ten minutes after the sighting of the first object, a series of three more moved across the sky in a fast succession, also from the southwest to northeast in the northwest area of the sky.  I went up on our finished roof and watched them travel to the northeast for several minutes before they disappeared.

I saw one of the exact same objects several weeks ago in the western sky moving from south to north and also had time to view it with binoculars.  A few weeks before that, my friends and I saw about 7 of these objects from different origin points while fishing the beach at night.

Fisher, PA

July 14, 2012  9:30PM

Rising from a wooded area, I first saw two fireball lobes,  They appeared like fireworks at first, but continued higher and higher into the sky, very slowly, pulsating as they rose.  I realized they were not firework's as almost thirty seconds passed and they were still rising.  The night sky was heavily clouded and first one disappeared and then the second.

I had stopped my car and continued to watch the sky, thinking if they were airplanes, they would come out of the clouds,  They did not.  To my surprise, I saw another ball of fire rise from the woods, then a second, and then a third.

I grabbed my phone and called my friend at the house I had just left, perhaps a quarter of a mile away.  No answer.  The lobes arose as the first two and one after another, disappeared into the sky.   Still parked along the road, I was amazed to see two more lobes come up from behind the trees.

I called my friend again, and this time he picked up.  Hurrying outside, she viewed the final two lobes as they arose into the clouds, pulsating and growing smaller and smaller until they disappeared.  The lobes rose for at least thirty seconds, and the groups were spaced apart approximately thirty seconds as well.  The whole event may have lasted three minutes, perhaps more.  I tried to film the event with my phone camera, but it was too dark out.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Somerset, KY

July 14, 2012  3:00AM

I was setting on my front porch listening to music, when I saw something bright out of the corner of my eye therefore I followed it with my eyes until it went out of sight.  It seemed to be brighter than any white light, I had ever seen, it was circular in shape.  I looked over at my friend  that was setting next to me, I ask him "did you see that?";. He said "that ball of light?"; I replied"yea, if we had blinked we would of missed it.  I told him, I am just glad you saw it too, I thought I might be loosing my mind for a second."  Yet the ball shape of light.  It seemed like it just appeared out of nowhere then disappeared just as quick as it appeared. 

Toledo, OH

July 13, 2012  10:00PM

Once again seeing star like objects traveling through the sky, some going south to north, others going north to south in the same path.  We also saw two, get really bright for a moment then return back to normal star like size.  One last night changed direction two times.  Two were traveling very fast, the others slower, taking a minute to pass us.  And we also saw something pulse 4 times like a electric haze looking type of light blue-green in color, but dim, then nothing, that was a first of that king of sighting.  When viewing these in binoculars they appear to be slightly orangeish in color. 

I have checked satellite info, and these do not match up, plus some travel in the same path it seems in different directions.

Also, we have noticed an increase in planes in our are lately too, maybe just a coincidence.  It seems some are just flying back and forth a lot, these are much higher in the sky.

Truro (Canada), NS

July 13, 2012  10:40PM

I saw a light in the sky that seemed close to the ground, to move fast and traveled on a curved path and was silent.

I was outside having a smoke when I saw what looked like a large light in the sky I guess you could say a fireball.  At first I thought it was an airplane on fire but there was no sound.  It was very large in the sky, and it was moving quite quickly.  I got my parents and a pair of binoculars but it was to far away to see anything by then.  It also seemed like it was not moving in a straight line but rather traveled on a slightly curved path.

After 3 to 5 minutes it has moved out of sight.  I was not going to mention this but it was a box at the bottom of the report but a truck did stop working right as it passed by but other electrics in the area were unaffected so it may have been coincidence.

Andover, NJ

July 13, 2012  10:00PM

While on the deck last night with my wife, she called me outside to look at this object she had notice coming from the south out of Hacketts Town NJ.  We had a clear line of sight for miles.  As we where watching a triangular shape began to take shape (lights only), but moving together.  They past us right over head no sound! 

Then all of a sudden one by one the amber colored bright lights began to fade away.  We thought that was it!  Nope 9 more came, one by one they followed the larger light pattern that we first had noticed all I can say is having knowledge of aircraft and in the industry for years, no this is not ours. The lights also began to change color hard to describe, never saw this type of light on any of our aircraft.  NEVER!!!!

North Versailles, PA

July 13, 2012  9:15PM

I was traveling eastbound on US Route 30 in North Versailles Pa. near the intersection with PA Route78.  Out of my driver-side window, I noticed in the sky above what first appeared to me as a flight of military helicopters whit their search lights on and pointing forward.  The light, however, was orange, like from a sodium vapor lamp, not white like a helicopter light, and the light appeared on top of the objects and not to their front, as a search light or a car headlight would be aimed. 

The objects that eminated this orange light appeared also to be flying in formation, possibly 1000+feet above the ground.  They were travelling in a west-southwesterly direction and crossed over US Route 30 directly above me at a speed similar to a helicopter or small lane.  There appeared to be several objects in a group, and several groups, one coming after another.  These objects wee flying in formation and their flight path was straight and unwavering.  There has to be at least several dozen objects as described herein this sighting.

I turned off my car radio and wound down my window to hear the helicopter rotors but was very surprised to hear absolutely no noise at all.  The objects were flying low enough to observe that they appeared to have an opaque base with a somewhat conical orange light located above the the base.  If not helicopters, I thought they could possible be balloons but I cannot figure out how they all would have been lighted in exactly the same manner and flying in formations.

Monday, August 13, 2012

North Massapaqua, NY

July 13, 2012  9:00PM

My son and I were travelling north heading home at approximately 9:00 pm.  We saw what looked like a burning ball in the sky about 100 feet above the ground moving slowly east.  It stopped moving east and started moving north and lifting very rapidly until it disappeared.  The object looked like a basketball on fire.  I have seen Chinese Lanterns and this did not look like one.  This is the second time we have seen this object.  The last time was approximately the same time.

Euclid, OH

July 13, 2012  10:30PM

I was outside with my brother when he stood up and saw these lights coming from south to east in the field across from our house where an old church use to be.  They had bright lights and we could tell they were circular and plenty of them.  Then after a little, they disappeared.

West Paducah, KY

July 13, 2012  9:40AM

I live by a airport and I see planes everyday in and out, I went outside to check on my dog because I put her in the garage because it was raining earlier and I look up and see two objects jetting across the sky higher than a normal airplane and they were going so fast, I screamed for my husband and daughter and mom to come out and we are all just looking at the sky in shock.  I have lived here for 29 years and never ever seen anything like it maybe I just do not pay enough attention or go outside enough at night but I will be from now on.  The object looked round kinda hart to tell they wree moving so fast and one stopped and then disappeared.  Scared to go to sleep now.

Des Moines, IA

July 12, 2012  1:24AM

Two friends and I were taking a late night drive when one of my  friends looked out of the window to the north east and saw a large white light and a dim blinking light we tried to get pictures but our phones were not strong enough to capture it so we kept driving.  We stopped on the side of the road and looked at it very close and listened, it was about 300 or so feet above a area of forest.   There was no sounds so we turned around and started heading towards it, it slowly hovered south with the lights in the same place and made no sound as we started getting closer it very quickly went west.  It was out of sight in less than a minute.

Siesta Key, FL

July 12, 2012  10:50PM

While in the pool at our condo, I noticed a red light in the sky far out over the Gulf.  Over several minutes it moved closer traveling East over the Gulf towards me, to the point it paused, drifted to the south then back north.  At that time, it paused and the red light seemed to shut down, but the silhouette remained against the evening sky.

I pointed the object out to my daughters, a friend's daughter and a gentleman in the pool.  The silhouette drafted north and lower on the horizon behind the condo out of view.  It was out of sight for approximately 2 minutes, reappeared to the right, north side, of condo.  The red light came back on and it quickly flew N-NW back out over the Gulf until I lost sight, another 2 minutes or so.  The red light appeared to be illuminating from the bottom of the object.  At the point it was stationary, a commerical jet flew very high behind and above the object.  The object was close enough for me to know that it is something I have never seen before.

Colby, KS

July 12, 2012  10:36PM

I was heading north on Highway 25 when I saw two airplanes flying very close together, and noticed a third craft in front of them, much larger, cylindrical in shape, with a bright white orb on the front and smaller red orb on the other end.  The three craft were moving from north to south.  They were closer than the next town over, which is about nine miles.

The flight path was about 45 degrees above the horizon, and cylindrical object was about half the size of the full moon.  It looked liked it was being herded by the two craft following it, which looked to be military craft, with one flanking it on the left and another following behind.  It raveled in a straight line from north to south.  However, as it went further south, it started to jog to the south-southwest, and also changed shape to a whitish-red orb.  The entire sighting lasted 8 minutes.

North Myrtle Beach, SC

July 12, 2012  9:30PM

Large light of what appeared to be a plane.  However, once it was overhead, it was clearly a ball of fire.  It is hard to describe the size of the object.  It was obviously large.  From ground perspective, the fireball was half a centimeter.  Obviously the object was much large than that.  That is just how big it looked from my perspective.  The object traveled in a straight path.

As the fireball passed overhead, I could hear the fire it omitted.  It sounded like a blow torch.  I could not hear it very well.   However, the other witnesses said it was very loud.

Once the object was about 45 degrees above the horizon, it died out.  It still traveled in a straight path.  As it died out, the fireball left a thick trail of smoke.  Then it faded out into the horizon.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

St. Louis, MO

July 12, 2012  10:30PM

I saw a large, glowing, orange fireball in the sky.  It was traveling at a moderate speed.  It approached from the southeast, and continued across the sky in a northwestern direction.  I watched until it was out of sight.  Not a sound was heard.

This is not the first time I have seen this.  At about 12:10 am.  July 5, 2012 my husband and I both witnessed the following:

Two large balls of light, one glowing orange, and the other white, approached from the southeast.  They appeared to be traveling together (but clearly not connected physically).

We rushed to our front yard to get a better look as they were passing directly overhead.  The white one was now in the lead slightly.  It passed over in total silence.  Then the orange one passed overhead.  The glowing orange light seems to come from within.  We both noticed that it had a slight teardrop shape.  This one also passed over in complete silence.  They both went off in a northwesterly direction.

Stonington, PA

July 11, 2012  11:30PM

On our usual nigh time walks out on a rural roads me and a friend witnessed 2 strange objects around the location of the constellation Scorplius.

The first object appeared as a very bright flashing ball-like object that was moving slowly across the sky from left to right.  As the object moved it suddenly faded out to one fifteenth of it's starting brightness and then disappeared slightly right of the constellation Scorpius.

The second object did almost the exact same thing, appearing around Scorpius, bright and pulsing, then faded out in almost the exact location of the first object.  Both objects seemed very far away from Earth, and also seemed to move very slowly.

We had very good visibility at the whole sky because there is not much in the way of lights out on the back road areas of Stoningtion.

To add even more drama to the whole event we witnessed approximately four shooting stars in the sky at the same time this event was going on and at different intervals of the event.  The whole event lasted anywhere from two to four minutes.

Cornwall (Canada), ON

July 11, 2012  10:30PM

My wife and I were sitting out on our balcony last night when I noticed a Sphere, bright orange, almost like fire.  The Sphere was relatively low in the sky and was moving from East to West at a slow pace, the whole time the Sphere was flickering a little, but at one point it flickered and got darker and smaller till it just disappeared.

I pointed it out to my wife who said well it could be this or it must be that, but it is weird.  Then, we saw a second one approaching the same area we saw the first one disappear, this one did the same exact  things the first one did, then disappeared in the same spot.  The third one we saw was more to the west, by this time I had my old video camera out and caught the last one, also flying slow then flickering till it was there no longer.

I was really happy to have caught that one on tape!  I have never experienced anything like that before and neither has my wife, we are both really amazed and maybe still in denial.  Though I am convinced what I saw was other worldly.

Fairport, NY

July 11, 2012  10:10PM

I was standing out on my driveway in Fairport, NY when I saw 4 red/orange glowing balls or lights in a diamond formation.  There were fireworks in the area so initially I was not alarmed until I realized these 4 lights seemed to be moving in a formation, flew slowly and were too high in the sky to be flares or fireworks. 

At this point I ran in my house to grab my 2 girls who were still awake at the time, they are 12 and 14.  They too watched with me and  tried to film them with our IPhone but there was too much surrounding light.

The diamond formation changed as this continued so it did not appear the 4 lights connected to 1 craft but rather 4 separate crafts or lights.  After about 10 minutes 1 faded into the sky as if it were moving away from us, shortly later the other 3 did the same with 1 reappearing briefly.  There appeared to be a small plane flying directly toward the lights at one point and I would be certain they were seeing what we were.

I checked the news the following morning and saw no reports until I googled it the following morning and saw this was not the 1st time similar lights like these have been spotted in the area

Littleton, CO

July 11, 2012  9:00PM

Sitting on the patio looking approximately 15 miles northwest towards the Lookout Mountain light towers, three people witnessed a ball of yellow-white light flying around the towers in no specific pattern. 

The ball of light headed east quickly turned back west, before finally disappearing into the mountains.  The range of the flying object was too vast to be a common radio-controlled craft and moved too low, fast, and sharp to be any know, piloted craft.

However the light was certainly that of a flying object and not of a spotlight.

Jakes Run, WV

July 11, 2012  1:00AM

I was getting ready for the bed and felt an urge to go out on my back porch for some fresh air.  The sky was clear and the stars and moon were out, for some reason i was compelled to look at a certain spot of the tree line, that's where I saw the light.  At first I was sure it was a star, whitish in color.  Then it started to move up over the tree line, now I was sure it was an airplane it turned a reddish color.

To my amazement this thing what ever it is started moving in a way I have never seen anything in the sky move before.  It would make sharp turns left right up down, but would stay in my view.  It reminded me of some one playing with a yo-yo in the sky.

After watching this thing dance in the sky for five or so minutes.  I ran into the house got my phone and ran back outside.  I called and woke up my dad (he lives nearby) watched this light for a few more minutes, dad shows up but the light slowly dipped back behind the tree line.  I am sure it was still there, I just could not see it anymore.

My dad left he did not get to see it but I was so excited about what I just saw I couldn't go to sleep so I pulled up a lawn chair and watched the sky.  Around 1:30 am I thought the show was over, this object flew across the sky.  I have never seen one so bright before.  About 2:00am another bright meteor or whatever it was flew the same path but backwards. Also another strange thing, day time birds were up and making a lot of noise

Haleiwa, HI

July 11, 2012  12:01AM

To the west, over the Pacific, off the North Shore of O'ahu, I have skylights in my bedroom, and saw six or seven brilliant shapes of fire heading slowly south in a rough formation.

I ran downstairs and outside for a better look.  They made no sound.  One object actually went "up" a little and crossed the path of another.  They did seem to fade away at a fairly high altitude before they disappeared, but they were not flares or fireworks.  There was no smoke coming from them.  They appeared to be about the distance a helicopter would fly, but it was difficult to determine.  They could have been much higher.

We do have a major military installations of all branches on the island, and I can only think it was some activity from them, but WHAT!!!  They were very bright, orange flame-like and very large.  They do not seem like something meant to "light a battlefield".

Davenport, WA

July 10, 2012  11:55PM

Proceeding home from salmon fishing trip from Wanapum Dam, WA, my friend and I stopped just east of Ritzville, WA after leaving the I-90 freeway to stretch out legs to be more alert for animals crossing the road ahead of us.  We stopped beside some cement granaries beside the railroad tracks.

 I was gazing up at the Big Dipper constellation when I noticed apparent ans airplane twin lights moving toward the Big Dipper bucket which went for some distance almost beneath the Dipper handle then disappeared.  Wondering what had just happened to the plane lights I continued tracking farther toward the Big Dipper bucket when the light reappeared but as a single orange colored light.  I glanced at my wristwatch noting the time as 11:35 pm, I resumed watching it.  Then it stopped, moved rapidly vertical a bit, then descended quickly and returned to the first position.  It bobbed about weirdly several times.  I pointed it out to my friend when the lights had disappeared the frist time and we both watched it for about 15 minutes looking for possible explanations that might indicate what and how it might occur and decided to get going home.  It was still there when we left.

Baltimore, MD

July 10, 2012  11:00PM

I saw one orange orb heading south west in the sky, and was flanked by four smaller ships, the smaller ships could have been planes or jets because I saw light on them but they moved in  ways which made me second guess myself on that, they flew so close to each other that they looked as if they went in and out of each other, the orange orbs we just circles in the sky.  All the crafts were very high up in the sky, the four ships seemed to move in various directions, and when almost overhead two of the smaller four ships took off in two different directions, one to the east and one to the west.  The other two stayed close to the orange orb, then another orange orb appeared from out of nowhere about 200 yards from the other orange orb and this happened when they were directly overhead of me, and the two orbs and the two smaller ships continued to head south.  The two smaller ships also did some strange maneuvers in the sky flying!

Bevington, IA

July 10, 2012  10:00PM

I was traveling south bound on Interstate 35 near Des Moines, IA, and saw a very noticeable light shining on a cellular tower along the interstate.

As I became parallel with it I realized it was not moving, it was simply hovering in the air, the object was almost as high as the tower and roughly 100 feet to the south of the tower, I could see a triangular shape with approximately 3 yellow lights and a head/spotlight.

I exited off the interstate 1/4 mile later to turn around and get a better look.  Soon as I got off the exit I looked back and it was gone, I spent the following half hour driving the roads around the area to see if I could see it anywhere, but saw nothing.  The time between me exiting off the interstate and turning around to see the object was about 30 seconds.

Powder Springs, GA

July 10, 2012  10:02AM

I walked of my house to take my girlfriend home when I noticed a light in the sky.  I thought it was an airplane at first but I got out and ran to get a closer look in my backyard.

As I approach my neighbors are outside and notice as well and we see the "fireball" looking object dim a bit then light up some more, then the light went out completely but the circular ball was still visible and kept floating behind the trees.  There was a lot of lightning but no rain.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Portland, OR

July 9, 2012  12:30AM

I stepped out onto my backyard around 12:30AM.  The backyard faces north. To the northeast I saw a green dot or orb between two trees.  It was close to the horizon the sky was clear.  I thought it strange due to its color.

It was stationary for a bit before it moved erratically.  The movement was zig zagging up and down.  Very unlike any human made aircraft.  I thought maybe it was my contact's messing with me. 

I moved around my backyard to get different points of view but it stayed up in the sky.  I then noticed an orange light that was stationary northeast of the green light.  The orange light was dimmer then the green light.  I had a beam of light attached to the green light.  Both the orange light and beam of light faded out periodically.  Both lights were moving closer to the horizon and fading.  I assumed then that they were heading north.  I thought to call any of my friends that would be up.  My roommate works late and I called her she did not answer.  I called my friend and he was unfortunately drunk or high and did not believe me.  During my phone call to my friend my roommate came home.  I hung up on my friend.  Then I ran out front to tell her to hurry up and follow me to the backyard.  To which I wee saw the same thing I saw.  The green light continued to move erratically and fade from view.  I tried to convince my roommate to drive north to get a better view.  Unfortunately when we drove the city light obscured any pin pointing of light.

West Middlesex, PA

July 9, 2012  10:50PM

The object was circular and looked yellow/reddish in color.  My hobby is astronomy and I have watched the space station(ISS) travel across the sky in west to east fashion a number of times with my family but this object was moving from south to north and was not as bright as compared to the space station.  I had a clear view the entire time of about 2 seconds and it was moving about 3 times faster then the ISS.

Living out in the country, there are not street lights or city lights to mess with ones night vision and there was no moonlight or clouds out on this particular evening.  I could tell it was very high up and I did not notice any flashing lights or sounds from the object other than to say it was circular and a yellowish red in color.  It is elevation above the horizon was about 85 deg because I was almost looking straight up to see it.

I was talking to a co-worker of mine the next day and told him what I saw.  I had just started the conversation when he asked me if it was about 10:45 to 11pm and if it was traveling south to north.  I told him he was correct and he finished telling me that he and his wife were outside on their patio and saw the same object.  He lives about 12 miles from me and I was glad that I was actually not seeing things.  I was guessing that maybe it was a meteor skimming the atmosphere because it just seemed to disappear all at once.  I did not really notice any steaks behind it such as a tail or fire coming from it so it is any one's guess as to what it was.

Hollywood, FL

July 9, 2012  9:00PM

Just standing out back, looking into the sky and saw what seemed to be a ball of fire moving slowly through the sky.  It was moving at a slower pace than nearby aircraft and looked like the fire was pulsating.  It also seemed to slow down then speed up.  After about 3 minutes, the fire extinguished and the ball disappeared.  I no not know what it was but I looked up other reports of this sort of thing and came across the web.

Buffalo, MN

July 9, 2012  1:30PM

On a very bright day,  two coworkers and I were outside.  I was wearing polarized sunglasses which made the seven objects mush easier to see.  They seemed very high up in the sky.  The objects were flying very closely together at first and then stating splitting off one group of two and a group of five.  There was no sound to be heard nor a trail.  At first my coworkers and I thought that it could be gliders, but not only because of the altitude, the objects changed direction, this seemed unlikely.  They moved very smoothly through the air.  They would stop briefly and continues moving.  We could see them only barely with the naked eyes, but through polarized sunglasses they were unmistakable, white chevron shaped objects.  They hovered around back and forth for nearly five minutes before moving out of view to the east beyond the building we work in.

Brandon, SD

July 9, 2012  11:00AM
I saw a yellow orb moving fast from south to north over Brandon, Sioux Fall area.  It was a bright yellow orange not flashing, a solid bright ball.  It stopped and I call my wife out to see the object at that point it moved off to the north and vanished.  The second approached from the west of me and looked like it moved straight up I viewed this second ball with my scope and saw it to be a solid yellow orange ball moving silently and smooth it climbed to a considerable height stopped then moved north stopped again it then descended a couple hundred feet and stopped again I call my dad who also viewed this object with me and my wife.  The second object then just simply dimmed out as it moved off to the north.  My wife says she saw the same object three days earlier a lot closer and lower.

Elizabeht, NJ

July 9, 2012  1:30AM

I was driving down the New Jersey tpk with my girlfriend and buddy.  We were on our way to South Caroline from Massachusetts.  We were driving on I-95 through the Bronx and into Jersey at about 1:30AM.  If you've ever driven this way you know there is a built up industrial park on both sides of you on the Jersey tpk.  Well the three of us were just chatting and listening to music, when I see this bright light just turn on in the sky.

I ask my friends if they saw the light turn on.  My girlfriend said she did but by buddy did not, but they both sure noticed it.  This place now has lights everywhere, and I do not know why this light caught my attention like it did.  We kept driving and trying to figure out what it was.  First we thought it was a tower, then a plane the way its just sitting in one place.  As we get closer and closer we see that it is some kind of aircraft, but a weird one.   What we saw was something that looked something like a fighter jet but not. It had what looked like retractable wings, a tail end that looked kind of like a cross and a weird spoiler on top.  It was unmarked as well with the cockpit area all greyed out, almost like there was no cockpit.
Lets just say it looked like a jet but there were too many characteristics to let you know it wasn't this & quot; was a least 150ft in the air just hovering right above us.  NOT MAKING A SINGLE NOISE!!  I know how loud jets are I hear them often where I live and I know how loud they are even when 500 ft in the air.  There were no jet, or propellers underneath to make it hover there like it was.  I watch the military channel enough that I know that a plane that low especially a hove craft is going to make some noise especially one that is hovering 150ft in the air, or at lest make enough noise for us to hear.  In my personal opinion I don not thin the military would be doing testing on aircraft's that close to a city which very sensitive to aircraft(New York City).

North Topsail Beach, NC

July 8, 2012  10:10PM
My son (20 years old) and I were sitting on the deck of our summer vacation home looking for satellites.  At the same time both my son and I spotted a reddish glow of light moving from the ocean toward land in a northwest direction.  The glow of light traveled across the sky for a count of 5 seconds (we both agreed) and then disappeared.  The strange thing was we heard no noise.  If what we saw was a plane of some sort and traveled across the sky in the 5 seconds we have estimated we viewed the light,  it would have had to be very low Not sure what we saw?

Norman, OK

July 8, 2012  9:21PM
I was closing a window in my home that looks toward the south and I saw a reddish-orange light that was flying to the north.  It appeared almost like fire burning in the sky and when I called my wife into the room to view the object, she at first thought it might be a helicopter on fire.  We watch as the object continued north for approximately 1 minute and it them made a turn to the west and traveled that direction for approximately another minute.

About 30 seconds into its flight toward the west, it changed from orange to white and afterward, the light dimmed-out.  The object was flying at low altitude; we are guessing at possibly at 3 or 4 thousand feet and we are certain that it was not an airplane or helicopter.  The color and brightness of the light was unlike what one would see from an airplane.  We also wondered about the possibility of a hot air passenger or weather balloon but with it maintain the constant light and changing directions. er knew this would rule out this type of object.  Its flight seemed deliberate but its appearance was very unusual because it appeared to change shape as if its light was slightly dimming and then becoming brighter at times, as it was flying.

Pomona, CA

July 8, 2012  9:30PM
Driving westbound on Foothill Blvd, at Town Center, I noticed people pointing at the sky and using their cell phone cameras.  Continuing east bound on Foothill Blvd, noticed multiples spheres in the sky towards the foothills at a high altitude.  Turned north bound on Town Avenue and pulled over.  Several witnessed on Town Avenue and at Chevron on Foothill cross street of town.  Lights appeared to be spherical.  In groups of 2 and 3, these lights appeared to be moving slowly from West to East.  Lights were orange/red and steady in color.  There did not appear to be a strobe effect or any aviation lights on these objects.  There was not audible sound associated with them.  They would continue on and from mu vantage point, appear to go straight up and disappear, or fade completely from sight.  Periodically, one or two would begin to move south on Town avenue and appear to correct their course, and re-join the other spheres.  This continued on for the better part of and hour.  I personally counted at least 30 of these objects.  A jet at one point did go over head at a high altitude.  Jets did not appear to be military.

Linden, NJ

July 8, 2012  9:00
First saw one bright, fiery orange orb traveling from the WSW and vanishing S.  It was moving along kinda slowly at first, then it stopped and hovered in one place for about 30 seconds.  It then dropped straight down rapidly.   Again, it stopped and hovered, then it took a left and them increased greatly in speed and vanished into the sky.  Less than a minute later, another fireball followed, exactly the same as the first ( and from the same direction), however this one did not stop or make any movements.  It just followed the same path and went to the south and disappeared into the night sky like the first.  I know that the movements that first one made could Not be done by any aircraft I am away of.  I also live close to a major US airport, so I know what their lights look like.  These were BRIGHT orange orbs that almost looked like debris falling out of orbit.  However, space junk doesn't stop and hover, and make movement that these did. Amazing.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Lake Leelanau, MA

July 3, 2012  10:45PM
I was on my boat preparing to watch the fireworks display at 10:45 PM.  I am a 47 year old Navy Veteran and private pilot that observed an orangish object moving from left to right from my position along the 45th parallel, travelling north.  The object was below the clouds AGL and moved silently.  Th orangish-red  orb was followed by 14 objects that followed the exact same flight path as the previous one.

I observed two of the objects go black, but I could see their outlying and thought they looked like a quarter.  I have see  from both ships at sea, on vantages at land and from aircraft that I myself have piloted.  To strobes, navigation lights present.

Waterford, MA

June 26, 2012  10:50PM
I and my fiance walked outside to his car before he left for work.  We noticed strange lights in the southeast sky.  They were formed in a triangle, and moving slowly in formation to the east.  The red lights were pulsating and flickering and only visible for a few minutes.  The lights disappeared one after another.

St. Augustine Beach, FL

July 2, 2012  No Time
My son and I were driving over the bridge to the beach when we noticed a rainbow.  It was very odd because there was only one small cloud.  I snapped pictures and noticed two objects that appeared to be flying in tandem.  I cleaned the lens and all three photos showed the two bright discs of light flying closer to the cloud in each photo.  They flew straight, then appeared to arc up over the cloud.  Both  left a distinct trail.

Lewes, Delaware

June 28, 2012  10:00PM
I was going fishing at the pier in Cap Henlopen State Park on the night of June 28, 2012, at a little after 10PM.  Also present was my father, brother, and two nephews and other people who were on the pier.  As we walked out on the pier a triangular shaped object appeared that seemed black with lights at each corner.  The lights had a red-orange flicker as the object flew silently and slowly 200 feet overhead.  It rotated slowly climbing steadily and then flew over the Atlantic Ocean.  It was being followed by three other objects with a single light the same color as the triangles.  I took a cell phone picture and Video of the triangles.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Niagara Falls, Canada

July 1, 2012  No Time
Just before turning in, I went outside to look around as I will often do.  I spotted a small pinkish light heading my way from the northeast flying straight about 150 mph?  It looked to be only a few hundred feet above my house as it passed over.  The light was brighter pink by now and appeared to pulsate slightly almost like it was a burning ball.  I think I would see a missile or cigar shaped with no wings or rotors visible.  The light on the underside more or less obscured the actual craft.  I strained to hear any sound and I may have heard a very faint hissing sound as it passed over.  It continued southeast and eventually disappeared in the night sky.  I've never see anything like this.

Peterborough, Canada

July 10, 2012  12:45AM
We saw three or more anomalies on July 10, 2012.  They cam in on the angle of a plane but we realized it was not blinking like a plane.  It flew straight up into the sky and veered off to the northwest before it disappeared.  Five minutes later a big orange oblong object climbed south.  It was the size of a hot dog bun held at arms length.  Five minutes later a moon like object came out of the water rising slowly at 12:45Am.  It changed to a bright oranges red too.

Sydney, Australia

January 9, 2012  11:30PM
I had a truly mind blowing experience while on vacation in Australia.  I am a UK resident that arrived at Erskineville Station to meet with a friend.  As I approached the station I noticed a light in the sky that acted strangely.  It flew in formation at a high speed from behind a tall building; shrinking and growing in size above Erskineville.  The object changed from a small triangle to a much larger one.  I was in shock!

Milano, TX

July 14, 2012  5:20AM
I was riding in the front seat as a passenger coming back from a gig in Brazoria, Texas.  We were traveling west on State Highway 36 just out of Milano.  Steve, the driver and I saw lights on a tower but as we got closer, we realized he lights wee shaped like a pentagon suspended over the road.  The center of the underside of the object had the brightest light of five.  The five other lights were located close to the end of each corner of the underside of the pentagon-shaped object.  All the light were white and pulsated about once a second.  We could see the dull black object had shape and a surface with seams or vents.  It hovered over the road silently about 30 feet in altitude as we passed underneath going 60 mph.  The object was 20 to 30 feet across.  We saw it fade in the rear view mirror as we drove father away.