Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Westminster, CO

June 7, 2012 13:30 Am
We were outside looking at the thunderstorm over the Denver Metropolitan area, looking west and north west and I saw a long shaped object with extremely fast flashing lights. 
At first I thought perhaps it was a plane, but immediately realized that it was moving incredibly fast and the lights were fluttering or flashing at a extreme rate.
As I looked up above the treeline, the object moved west northwest, I would say 100xfaster than an airplane, which caught my attention so I told my partner to look very quickly, she saw it as well and I lost sight of it, and she continued to see it as it immediately and sharply turned due west.  I then caught it again in my sight as it again turned sharply and immediately southwest.
My partner stated she saw an airplane below the UFO traveling at a much slower rate in the sky just below the object.

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