Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wanamaker, IN

July 3, 2012  10:00 PM
We live southeast, just outside of Wanamaker, IN.  We saw first one very bright, un flickering, orange fireball/light.  It looked like it might have been a misfired firework, but it continued moving east without losing altitude.  Before this object moved out of sight, another bright orange ball appeared.  This one was different though it headed north, the orange light disappeared and it was just a black object.  It went over several housed and I swear it landed on someones roof or yard.  Then a few minutes later, a third orange light headed east, then disappeared.

There were airplanes in the sky before and after we saw this, and they looked completely different I was thinking maybe the air quality or smog was distorting the lights, but that does  not seem to be the case.  Oh, and there was no noise coming from them, and they all come from the same exact direction in the sky northwest.

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