Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Salisbury, NC

June 6, 2012 10:00 PM
My son and his friend and I were coming home after an Intemidators minor league baseball game around 10 pm on Saturday June 2nd.  I saw what I thought was a new tower with several lights.  However, the tower seemed to have lights to spread at the sop on both sides which made me curious.  I told the boys to look at it and they were amazed.  It appeared that the lights began to move.  They were a red color and circular in shape.  They seemed to start spreading out in different directions and it was very weird.
We arrived home and I went in to get my husband to come see.  There was only 1 or 2 left in the sky at that time, but he did see one. My son and his friend said the others had moved to one spot in the sky behind a cloud and disappeared. 
As we watched the last one move toward the same area as the other, it seemed to flicker.  It then reached the same area and disappeared in a cloud and did not come out on the other side.  We of course wondered about airplanes but there would not be that many planes that close together or moving in different directions.  We also thought maybe helicopters, but do not think again that there would be that many so close together.  There was also not sound at all.

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