Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oakwood, GA

July 1, 2012  6:00 AM
Early morning of July 1, 2012, making the 6.4 mile normal route to my job I observed three bright white circular lights to the north of my east bound direction I was traveling.  A shower and breakfast thirty minuets earlier, had me wide awake and ready for my workday.  My first thought was that it must be stars still visible in newly lightening dawn sky.

I continued my normal route for another mile and could still see the three bright lights in the distance.  I then pulled into the almost empty  shopping center parking lot and stopped at a point where I could view the lights with no obstructions. 

The viewpoint at this time looked as if the three lights were lining up perfectly in the distance in a vertical line.  It appeared as if they were becon lights on a new super tall cellular tower or something of that nature. Thinking for about thirty more seconds as I continued to observe the lights, that becon lights for towers are red and flash so that was not it.

The bright white lights disappeared all at once.  I observed the skies in that direction for about three or four more minutes and saw nothing else, but the beautiful morning sky.  I have no idea what the objects are, or where they came from.  I can honestly say it was very cool and made my day whatever it was.  I have lived  in the area for my whole life and it was really unusual for the morning skies around here.  I am forty one years  old and am usually up early so it was really an event unlike I have ever observed.

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