Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Milford, CT

June 6, 2012  9:15 PM
I was riding in the car as a passenger with my husband as we were on our way home from babysitting our grandchildren on Wednesday night.  We were heading west and we spotted an unusual object in the sky as it came in over the water just south of Sikorsky Airport.
It was heading from the southwest to the northeast.  It looked like it came over Milford starting at the Point Lookout area on Long Island Sound and was not travelling at any great speed.  It seemed to maintain level flight as it transited the area.
My husband pulled the car over on New Haven Avenue near the intersection of Buckingham Avenue, and we both got out to watch the object as it cruised directly above us and we were joined by another passerby who saw the object and pulled over, but we did not get his name.
The object glowed orange and yellow, was round in shape and the light it cast was not a type of light I've ever seen before; it was not bright like a landing light, but subdued and sort of pulsed yellow and orange.  There was not sound coming from it and there was no tail like you would see with a meteor or shooting star.  It was pretty low too, when it finally disappeared into the clouds, they were scattered but looked between 2000 and 3000 feet.  It's hard to estimate size, especially at night, but I can only compare it to the of a full moon compared to the stars, but I am sure that was because it was not at any great altitude.  The siting lasted about 5 minutes until the object disappeared into a cloud.
I was a Cessna Dealer back in the 1980's and worked at Sikorsky Airport where my husband was an air traffic controller.  Though I am not a licensed pilot, my husband, a retired air traffic controller is, and have flown often.  I am familiar with what aircraft look like and sound like and this was not not traditional craft.

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  1. I think we saw the same exact thing this past Sunday by the Milford mall