Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lake Leelanau, MI

July 3, 2012  10:45  PM
I am a 47-year-old Navy veteran and private pilot.  On July 3, 2012, at approximately 2245 hours, I was on my boat preparing to watch the firework display on North Lake Leelanau.  I was at  N45 01.210', W085 44.60'.  I was approximately 250 feet from Porter's landing at a depth of 48 feet.  The winds were calm, light and variable.  I observed an oranges-red glow moving from left to right from my position along the 45th parallel, traveling south to north.  The object appeared below the clouds that were present; and it moved silently.  I estimate that it was approximately 5,00 feet AGL.  Nevertheless, it was in  between the ground and the clouds present.  The oranges-red orb was followed by 14 other objects that followed the exact same flight path as the previous one.  This all occurred just prior to the start of the firework show; and I observed two of the objects go black and I would see their outline in the sky.  I could remember thinking that they looked like about the shape of a quarter.  I had no success obtaining accurate weather information from the FSS, NWS, NCDC and others.  I have seen many craft form both ships, land and from aircraft that I myself have piloted.  These looked like nothing that I have seen.  No strobes no lights or noise were present.

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