Tuesday, July 17, 2012

La Porte, IN

July 3, 2012  10:55 PM
Sitting outside having a cigarette I noticed a bright orange ball which seemed to be on fire emerge from treetop level.  I then grabbed my digital camera which started acting up to try and capture an image of this object.  I then went to the east side of the apartment to find my neighbor coming outside to tell me that this is his 2nd time seeing an object very similar to this one 2 nights before.  After this object had emerged from the tree/road line, it quickly made a turn to the east and continued on an east, northeast path.  Its speed was quite rapid because in just under 2 minutes, it was out of visual sight.  When the object emerged from the tree line, the object has to be approximately 1 city block away from us.  My neighbor told me that when he had seen this type of object before, there were 2 of them.  Both of the objects were orange and yellow bottoms to them and they were just over treetop level.  At no time did I hear any sound coming from the object even though there were fireworks present.

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