Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Iron Mountain, MI

July 3, 2012 n 9:40 PM
My wife and I were standing in our backyard around 9:40pm,  Because it is the day before Independence Day.  I was watching the nurmerous fireworks being launched from the surrounding neighborhood as my wife watered the garden around the side of our house.

Suddenly, as I was staring into the northwest sky a bright white light surrounded by a thick red orb appeared in the west.  At first I was struck by its brilliance and believed it to be a new firework that was designed to hang in the air.  I immediately called my wife from around the house so she could see the display as well.  As we watched the glowing orb it began to move laterally across the sky and grow  intensity.  As it moved, my wife and I stood in awe and contemplated the possibilities.  It was moving from west to east as I said:"it can not be a firework it moving laterally, it can not be flair because it has not gained or lost altitude."  Then the object slowly stopped and made a sharp 90* turn heading north.

We both commented on the fact that it made no sound.  At this point I believe my wife was a little freaked out and she refused to watch any more.  I continued watching as the object slowly traveled north until it was obscured  by my low view.  I noticed that during the 2-3 minutes this event lasted almost no fireworks from the nearby area could be seen or heard going off. as if everyone else in the area was also fixated on the same phenomenon. 

Perhaps the most significant parts of this event for me was the object flew to the north.  There is a small airport in the town of Iron Mountain were we live, only a few miles from our house.  The air traffic here goes south or west.  North is Lake Superior and Canada.  If this were a man made aircraft of any sort it is the first I have seen or heard of flying on a northern path like this object did.  I do not know what else to say.  I am a well educated. and stable person living a domestic life in a small town and now I have seen a UFO.

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