Tuesday, July 10, 2012

High Ridge, MO

July 2, 2012  9:00 PM
My dad and I went outside to study the moons movement for my astronomy merit badge.  We looked at Spica, Saturn and Mars.  When my dad mentioned the moons traverse westward, I see a floating orange and red egg shaped light to my right shoulder.  At first I think it's a helicopter but I still keep my eye on it.

My dad goes back inside but I stay behind to see if I could see the light again and as I am walking back I look back and see two lights; one red going east form the north and one orange and red going south from the north.  Th object looked like it was on fire rotating between re, orange and yellow.  But there were no lights in the center of the object.  So I ran to the door and cal my dad then I turn around and I can not see it because it is behind some trees.

When my dad comes out the object is visible he tells me to run and get the binoculars inside.  I get the binoculars and run outside.  He says " it has not moved" as the object comes to rest eastward between some trees.  It seemed to be floating not moving in any direction.  So I look at the object and it starts to speed up heading east directly away from us. 

My dad asks for the binoculars and says "it is winking out" and disappears.  He mentioned that it seemed to just get smaller like it was traveling straight away from us.  We go inside and tell our family and my mom and dad ask me to find out how to report my sighting.

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