Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Egan, SD

July 3, 2012  1:00 AM
We were celebrating the 4th early with friends.  About 1 am as we were  sitting outside, winding down from the night's festivities and just talking.  I was sitting, facing south west and happened to look up and coming from behind a large tree, I saw a ball of very bright, white, light in the sky at first it was about the size of a half dollar but, within about 2 seconds, it had grown to the size of a golf ball.  I said, "look at that weird light", my husband who was sitting beside me also saw it and watched it get bigger.  The others had their back to it and turned to look.  By this time, it was rapidly getting smaller and  zooming away toward the north.  A friend commented on how fast it was moving.  At least two others saw it as it finally got to about the size of normal stars and we watched it until it was lost from view.  The whole thing took about 45 seconds.

Earlier in the night, around 9:00 pm, we had just started lighting of fireworks and I had seen a similar object not as big, maybe the size of a half dollar do the same thing in the western sky and also going to the north very rapidly.  The night was clear, hot and humid.  No clouds, a slight breeze and a full moon with great visibility.  There was no sound to this object.

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