Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dingmans Ferry, PA

July 1, 2012  5:55 PM
It was a very clear night with almost full moon on a quiet lakeside.  I was actually inside when I spotted this strange org/light moving slowly across the sky and I immediately noticed the lack of any blinking, directional or running lights on this craft.  I ran outside to get better look and ruled out satellite as it was actually low in the sky, maybe 1/2 mile up.  It was changing, almost morphing orange/amber/yellow org as best I can describe and the next thing I noticed was it was absolutely quiet, not motor, no sound at all. 

Object was traveling north to south at a slow speed in absolute straight line.  As I listened for any sound and tried to get a grip with what I was seeing, the deep orange burning color turned more yellowish, than disappeared altogether in front of my eyes.  It did not shoot off up / down or other just disappeared.  At that point I heard a jet sound which made no sense and then spotted a small, private size jet with all the "normal" lights a plane would have headed south to north as it approached the Wilkes Barre Airport of the north of our location.

I witnessed this myself, however 5 minutes later my father walked in the door who had been taking home 2 friends and said to us, you will never believe what we just saw, and described the exact thing I had just seen.  I've always been a believer but this was the first for sure sighting that was something not of this earth.  The technology to make that object move like that and almost change shape/color in front of me sensing the oncoming jet and going stealth/dark truly amazing.

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