Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boise, ID

July 2, 2012  11:00 PM
My husband and I were walking in front of our house in the dark.  The first object flew extremely low and was very bright, unlike an aircraft's lighting.  It was glowing as if on fire, a reddish-orange glow and was completely silent.  At first we thought it was a paper light and had a candle inside that caused it to float in the air because of how low it was and the glow coming from it.  We then we realized it was traveling at the speed of a plane or faster and could not understand why it would be silent yet so illuminated.  There was no logical reason for this aircraft to be  undetected without sound yet brighter than any aircraft either of us had ever witnessed.  If  it was military and was made to be silent why would it look like an obvious glowing ball in the sky?  One minute later the same shape, color and silent aircraft passed by, just as low and kept the same course until we could not see either lights in the distance any more.

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