Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aliquippa, PA

June 3, 2012 8:37 PM
While sitting in the grocery parking lot in my ambulance my partner and I were discussing another ambulance crew's call in which they had two helicopters fly two critical patients from a nearby town.
Looking to the sky to try and see the helicopters my partner sighted an extremely fast moving (faster than any helicopter or jet I have ever seen) flying west to east at incredible speed and completely silent.  The object has several lights, some whit, blue and other were red.  The  shape was unidentifiable.  All we would see was several blinking lights, blinking from front to rear.
Soon after the object disappeared from sight a airliner flew over head, our location is close to Pittsburgh Int Airport , the airliner was loud and slow moving and following the flight plan that we most regularly see.
The other object was fling at a speed we've both never seen, was completely silent and flew a path we have never seen airliners follow.  Soon after the sighting I tried to google the characteristics of this object for similar sights and both my phone and my work parter's phones froze.  Also the emergency radio traffic has been garbled or covered by static all night throughout the entire county.

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