Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Alameda, CA

June 4, 2012 9:58 AM
I was down fernside on my way home and as I was passing the local middle school I noticed there were lots of planes at different levels, with different colored lights pulsing all at different rates but I decided to keep paying attention because of how many there were!  There had to be more than 10 in the sky around the same area that night, which doesn't seem very safe.
It was not until I was crossing the bay farm bridge that I saw a triangular shaped aircraft swaying downward left and right like a leaf that I thought something is seriously not right.  I look around again and notice all the air crafts I saw were either gone or much much farther except for three above what I know as trash mountain.  They were far enough to only be perceived as lights but close enough to see them change colors from blue, red, purple and oranges white.  They were all moving delicately and began to form a PERFECT triangle.  Then it began to move counterclockwise still keeping the perfect formation and still changing colors.  These color changes weren't flashy or quick.  They were slow and almost faded into one another.  After the lights stopped turning they branched off one by one to form a perfect line with perfect spacing in between.  By that point I had to turn right and it was on the left side of the bridge so I could no longer see it.
I have seen small bright stars in the night sky that have the same color fading effect the I have not noticed before this year.  I usually see them in three's as well, either creating a elongated line or decently distantanced triangle, but still very exact form, from what I can make of it.

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