Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ypsilanti, MI

Last night my sister and I saw a UFO and reported it and it was incredible that we were both seeing the same thing, and that thing was a real UFO that to the best of my knowledge could only be aliens, but as for now it is unidentified.  Tonight at 11:15PM, I was in bed and looked out my west window and saw a flying objects with blinking lights.  When I saw the blinking lights I immediately thought it was a plane, but right after I saw the first blinking lights, the craft revealed more of itself and I saw many blinking lights, far more than any  plane should have.  At this point the craft does look like it would be circular/saucer type form.  After I saw this on the west side of my house I go to wake up my sister in her room on the east side and look out and we saw the craft much father south than I had anticipated when waiting for it to come back into my view.  The entire time the object moved relatively slowly compared to a plane but that depends on the height.  We saw the lights get farther away as it moved north-easterly and over some houses the trees.  The second time I saw the craft it was much more saucer looking; the lights were more in line now.  One large craft flying from west to northeast; large, with blinking lights of various colors.

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