Monday, June 11, 2012

Royersford, PA

On May 28, 2012, I heard some people firing off fireworks at 9:45PM, and looked out the window only to remember to water the garden.  So I went out at 10:00PM, and started to water when a few more very loud firecrackers went off.  I could see the reflection of them in my neighbors window.  Then as I turned around to shut the hose off I noticed a silent orange small fireball float by.  I thought it might have been ember from the earlier firework still floating by but it never come to the ground and floated between my house and the neighbors approximately 4-5 stories high and headed north over the neighborhood and then I lost sight. What  strange about this is that on the 4th of July, two years in a row, at roughly the same time, I have seen the same thing floating by in the same general direction, and although I was alone tonight both of those two time their were many neighbors out who witnessed.

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