Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Omaha, NE

May 22, 2012, we first noticed a bright light that was flashing in the sky.  It flashed 2 - 3 times and then stopped.  The light then resembled a small star and did not appear to be moving.  A second bright light showed up 10 minutes later, but located more directly overhead and was constantly bright (not flashing).  The second light appeared to be moving slightly in circular motions.  About 10 minutes after the second light appeared, the first light that resembled a small start suddenly flew across the sky and the two lights began to move around each other very noticeably.  The two lights were far too distant to be any type of aircraft.  They resembled stars.  They also changed direction rapidly and moved in circular motions. I have not seen  airplanes or other flying objects move like this.  Also, the smaller light that moved across the sky, moved very quickly within a second or two.  I can't imagine any object that is capable of moving this fast.

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