Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Las Vegas, NV

I was with a friend in my car.  He was driving south on the main highway in Las Vegas.  He said:"What is that?," and I turned to look up through the windshield.  There was a huge, oval shaped object that seemed almost dimly lit all around.  It almost emitted a dim haze.  It was farther away in the distance by a mountain range outside of the city to the left of the highway.  There were two helicopters circling the object, shining spotlights on it.   We watched this happen for five minutes until the object was behind us.  I turned to look and it was gone.  The helicopter then proceeded to shine spotlights on the mountain, and then they stopped.  This is the second report I have filed.  The last one was October of 2010 when I witnessed a V-shaped, form-changing object also In Las Vegas while with another witness.

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