Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ipswich, MA

Bright orange spheres hovering in the sky, these objects could change direction at whim (Shoot straight up, darted from side to side).  Two hovered close to each other extremely bright orange.  At one point the bright orange would just stop and only the flashing white, blue and red lights could be seen.  Others flew around with white lights on the bottom and blue and red lighting on the side with occasional flashing and a slight orange tint.  There was also one that was fairly large that just hovered for 30 minutes or so then disappeared below the horizon.  Speeds varied for each craft.  At one point two crafts seemed to have nearly collided but hovered directly above one another for about 5 minutes.  You could faintly hear a whirring of a jet-like engine as one passed over.

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