Monday, June 25, 2012

Cedar City, UT

May 20, 2012 No Time
My family and I live about 20 miles north from where the sweet spot was for the annular eclipse.  My family and friends had actually been at the sweet spot watching the eclipase and we were returning home for the night when I saw a bright orange light in the sky.  When I got to the side yard I saw that there were many of these orange orbs, all appeared solid and were flying barely above the trees silently!  They were moving north from the sweet spot too.  I quicly started calling my family and friends over to witness this, and my friends started taking pictures and video.  The orbs were in groups of three and four, no pattern, and they faded and disappeared right above my house.  We could see others coming from the south as the ones nearest were fading and disappearing.  We saw at least twelve orbs, and I was able to take pictures.  It was incredible to see these orbs, and now I can't stop looking at the part of sky hoping to see more.

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