Monday, June 11, 2012

Caledonia, NY

On May 28, 2012, me and my girlfriend were approaching her driveway when I saw these two objects.  They were hovering and moving very slowly to the east.  It looked like a large airplanes headlights coming towards us but it was moving to the side so it was clearly not an airplane.  They then began moving rapidly across the horizon staying perfectly spaced apart then slowed again to a creeping pace and went behind  the trees so I could not see them anymore.  As I drove a few miles away towards my own house I saw the objects again in the same orientation but much father away, maybe even 100 miles because they were much smaller but clearly the same lights.  I lost sight again over the horizon.  I got to my house and went up the hill nearby so I could get a better view.  By the time I gained sight of them they were twice as far as when I had seen them less than 5 minutes earlier.  I observed them for around 10 more minutes and during that time they had split apart and were miles away from each other on the horizon.  They were moving up and down slightly and they were also flashing rapidly.

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